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Persona – dir. I. Bergman | score: Lars Johan Werle

He was born in Gävle, Sweden, and taught himself how to compose, although he later studied at the University of Uppsala. He sang in the chorus Bel Canto, was active as a jazz musician, and worked as a producer for Swedish Radio. He was known for his avant-gardist, post-Webernian composition Pentagram for string quartet that won first prize at the Gaudeamus Festival in Bilthovenin 1960. He became …

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Christophe Bertrand (1981-2010)

«Per la prima volta ho scritto passaggi lenti, una novità assoluta per me», parlando di «piani sonori del tutto nuovi», per cui «il risultato sarà sicuramente sorprendente […]. Credo d’aver doppiato una boa con Scales; Okhtor è una sorta di rinnovamento per me. Occorreva evolvermi e credo che stavolta sia avvenuto […] ma credo che si continuerà a percepire che …

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Dutch Designers print sound – Dirk van den Heuvel

He states:  “When I first started researching 3D printing the technology was an exciting and interesting, but the desktop 3D printers were unable to produce objects at a human scale. Large and medium scale functional design objects that we use, like bowls, plates & decorative objects could not be made. The objects made with desktop 3D printers were also low …

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Luc Ferrari – Éphémère I “L’Ordinateur Ça Sert À Quoi?” 1974

Éphémère I & II’ (for tape, or to be played with various instruments) are two previously unpublished masterpieces which represent a very specific moment in the creative life and catalogue of Luc Ferrari. Luc Ferrari was tempted in the mid-1970s by the idea of leaving the final realization of these pieces open to the performer’s intervention (a perspective he decided …

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