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Man Ray, Fernand Leger & Marcel Duchamp, 1923 1929

Dada and Surrealism – two leading art movements in the first decades of the last century – radically revolutionized the way we think about art. Both opened up new opportunities for creative processes: Dadaism by reinterpreting everyday objects, focusing on the role of chance and questioning conventional aesthetic norms; Surrealism by proposing new ways of understanding reality and broadening the …

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Bruce Conner (1933 – 2008)

A Movie (16mm) (1958) | Ponendo se stesso e il suo lavoro in opposizione critica alla società mainstream americana, il versatile e irrequieto artista creativo Bruce Conner fu parte fondamentale della scena beat di San Francisco alla fine degli anni ’50. Inizialmente conosciuto per i suoi assemblaggi (realizzati tra il 1957 – 1964) realizzati da un assortimento di materiali di …

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Hans Richter – Dreams that money can buy

Music By Louis Applebaum Dialogue by Richard Holback and Hans Richter “Dreams That Money Can Buy” is a 1947 experimental feature color film written, produced, and directed by surrealist artist and dada film-theorist Hans Richter. The film was produced by Kenneth Macpherson and Peggy Guggenheim. Collaborators included Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Alexander Calder, Darius Milhaud and Fernand Léger. The …

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René Clair – Entr’Acte | 1924

Director: René Clair Writer: Francis Picabia Music: Erik Satie France – 1924 – b&w Cast: Francis Picabia, Erik Satie, Jean Börlin, Inge Frïss, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Darius Milhaud, Marcel Achard, Georges Auric, Georges Charensol, Rolf de Maré «Entr’Acte fut une vraie tranche d’art entre les deux tartines d’un sandwich rassis qui nous fit goûter d’assez mauvais danseurs se moquant …

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